Currently, I’m a freelance journalist for Sheen Magazine and a Senior Writer at The Honey POP. My writings can also been seen on Blavity News, 21ninety, Buzzfeed and Medium.

Lashaunta shanese

TLC Appreciation: Black History Month

I’ve interviewed a plethora of public figures, artists and influencers including Cynthia Bailey, Jesseca Dupart (Da Real BB Judy), Luh Kel, Call Me Ace, Sprado and more.


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How to keep blogging fun

Taking the fun out of everything is a life I don’t want to live. Image source: Giphy I’ve been blogging for almost three years now, although I’ve only just started taking it serious last year. I started this blog for personal reasons. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings through something that I love […]

Explore and Discover

Finding a love for one thing is great, but imagine how exciting life would be if you loved many. Happy Tuesday! As you all may know, I love writing and filming (blah blah, the usual). However, lately I’ve found a new love… a love that I never thought I’d actually have fun with. My sister […]

Today’s Plan, Pt. 2

The goal is to be productive today. Even if you don’t feel like it. Hello Beautiful People! I actually enjoy making these types of posts because it really does help with being more productive. For today’s plan, I really want to finish editing this one minute project I’ve been working on. Yes, it’s taking me […]