Lashaunta Shanese Media is a freelance media and creative marketing services company. We unleash a new level of creativity within our written pieces, productions, innovative marketing, photography, and more. Founded by owner Lashaunta Moore, LSM is passionate about all art forms. Since Lashaunta is a journalist and digital content producer, she comprehends the importance of creating eye-catching content that resonates with the needs of customers/viewers and art that entertains & informs them.

We create independent productions, product photography, digital promos, motion flyers, audio & video projects, articles & blog posts, and more.

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Lashaunta Moore is a Journalist, Creative Marketer, Blogger, and Digital Content Producer (among many other things). She contributes to both print and digital publications, including the following: Sheen Magazine, Blavity News, 21 Ninety, Buzzfeed, The Honey Pop, and Medium. 

She’s the creator, host, and editor of Sheen News Weekly.

After receiving her Bachelors in Media Communication in 2020, Lashaunta decided to expand her talents.

She created Lashaunta Shanese Media, specializing in freelance media and creative marketing services (blogging, freelance journalism, videography/photography, creative/social media marketing, and more.)

If you want to be in the loop for her Media and Journalism news (articles, interviews, digital content) Follow her on the following: Facebook– Lashaunta Shanese Media, Twitter– _Lashaunta, Instagram– Lashauntax2, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Check out our dream-inspired blog: The Dream Inspo.

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