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Lashaunta MOORE

Journalist, Creative Marketer, Blogger, and Digital Content Producer (among many other things). She contributes to both print and digital publications, including the following: Sheen Magazine, Blavity News, 21 Ninety, Buzzfeed, The Honey Pop, and Medium.

She created Lashaunta Shanese Media, specializing in freelance media and creative marketing services (blogging, freelance journalism, videography/photography, creative/social media marketing, and more.)

Lashaunta Shanese Media

Lashaunta Shanese Media is a freelance media and creative marketing services company. We unleash a new level of creativity within our written pieces, productions, innovative marketing, photography, and more. Founded by owner Lashaunta Moore, LSM is passionate about all art forms. Since Lashaunta is a journalist and digital content producer, she comprehends the importance of creating eye-catching content that resonates with the needs of customers/viewers and art that entertains & informs them. We create independent productions, product photography, digital promos, motion flyers, audio & video projects, articles & blog posts, and more.

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