One in A Million: DMX Tribute

My love for music began when I was really young. My mother and Aunt would always play a variety of genres, which is why my sister and I have a music library full of diverse songs. I remember when I first heard DMX’s voice, and was stunned at how different he sounded. At the time, […]

Does money change people for the worse or better?

This sentence is worded so weirdly but I hope everyone understands what goes on in my crazy mind. I’ve had this question for a while and I’m in the middle when it comes to this topic. I’ve personally seen people become monsters when their money increased and I’ve seen people become happier. I don’t know […]

April 2021: We made it to the fourth month of the year.

April 2021: We made it to the fourth month of the year! Image source: Giphy This year is going by pretty fast, we’re officially in the first month of the second quarter of the year. Notice how I said ‘second quarter’ meaning it’s still the beginning of the year. Although it’s moving kind of fast, […]

Today’s Plan, Pt.3

Make decisions that’ll give you the life you deserve. I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. I want to be productive today, instead of the couch potato that I usually am on Saturdays. So, I made another plan since these seem to really help me out.Drumroll… Image source: Giphy I have decided to […]

I finally finished producing my short documentary.

I finally finished producing my short documentary. I’m very excited to share that I finished producing and editing this short documentary about Stacey Dash. If you don’t know, she used to be a popular actress in the ’90s. Later in life, she got invested in politics and has caused a lot of controversy. I just […]

Nothing will work, unless you do.

Not too long ago my vocabulary consisted of nothing but words that fit perfectly with my rants. It was like a weekly routine… Rant. Rant. Rant. Complain. Repeat. Image source: Giphy I can laugh and make jokes about it now, but at first I was so serious. And now that I think about it, my […]

Happy Women’s History Month

Women are the strongest human beings on earth. Image source: Giphy It’s time to celebrate the reason this world is able to function during these crazy times. It’s time to celebrate the reason we’re born and nurtured. It’s to celebrate fearlessness. It’s time to celebrate true beauty. It’s time to celebrate icons, legends, goddesses. It’s […]

Today’s Plan, Pt. 2

The goal is to be productive today. Even if you don’t feel like it. Hello Beautiful People! I actually enjoy making these types of posts because it really does help with being more productive. For today’s plan, I really want to finish editing this one minute project I’ve been working on. Yes, it’s taking me […]

I wrote an article for 21Ninety!

Every time I doubt myself, God shows me why I should never give up. Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope your day is filled with nothing but positive energy. Remember, you can use this day to change your life. Whether it’s a small step like applying for classes or a job, you got this! Image source: […]

Simple Celebrations..

We all know that one person that likes the celebrate every accomplishment—— that’s me!