What’s better than reading an article about women’s portrayal in society? NOTHING. What’s better than a boring informal article? A dramatic informational article written by yours truly! For my 7th article on SHEEN Magazine’s website, I decided to talk about how society popularize being a Mean Girl and how disgusting the portrayal is. Read it […]

I was not a fan of makeup when I was younger, but now that has changed! I’ve recently been gifted items from Sephora and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still learning how to apply foundation/concealer properly but I’m better at it than I was before. One of the items I was gifted was Too Faced’s […]

That sh*t not the real you. You covering your face to look like somebody you’re not. Recently, I wrote a blog about makeup and why I thought people should be able to put whatever they want on their faces. ( Reality 101: Makeup ) As I scrolled down my social media pages, I see that most men […]

We’ve all seen posts on social media with the caption ” Natural #NoMakeupNeeded” before. These type of posts are becoming more common, but why? Is it because makeup is more popular than ever before? Actually yes, I think it is. There’s been a debate among people, especially women, on whether other women wear too much […]

People should be able to date whoever they feel like it. The race of their spouse shouldn’t matter as long as they are happy and in love. It’s crazy how when biracial couples are seen outside, people stare at them as if they’re crazy. Some people go as far as taunting the couple or trying […]