Well Hello, March!

Spring is near. Get ready for warm days and beautiful sunsets. It’s month 3 of 12. For some reason, I’m pretty excited for this new month. Although, there are some challenges I know I’ll face, I’m ready to take it head on! As usual, I have new goals! This year I wanted to create new […]

How to keep blogging fun

Taking the fun out of everything is a life I don’t want to live. Image source: Giphy I’ve been blogging for almost three years now, although I’ve only just started taking it serious last year. I started this blog for personal reasons. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings through something that I love […]

Today’s Plan, Pt. 2

The goal is to be productive today. Even if you don’t feel like it. Hello Beautiful People! I actually enjoy making these types of posts because it really does help with being more productive. For today’s plan, I really want to finish editing this one minute project I’ve been working on. Yes, it’s taking me […]

Night Rants: I’m Limiting My Expectations..

Why do we constantly create expectations for people we know can’t fulfill them? Do we simply love being disappointed? We love rants, right? For some reason I felt like ranting, so here I am.. writing a post about why I’m limiting my expectations for certain people in my life. For the most part, majority of […]

Simple Celebrations..

We all know that one person that likes the celebrate every accomplishment—— that’s me!

Don’t compare yourselves to others.

Just a simple message for tonight’s blog post. Let’s try not to compare ourselves to others. We’re all different and unique in our own ways. Just because someone else is flourishing right now, does not mean your time is not coming. You’re stressing yourself out trying to figure out why your life isn’t as good […]

Dreams do come true..

Maybe it’s the night sky, But I believe anything is possible. When discussing true dreamers, I’d have to add myself to the conversation. I don’t think I know anyone who has more dreams than me. I believe it’s because my imagination has played a huge part in my creativity. At 24, I believe my dreams […]

February: So It Begins..

February, you’ve came to create new blessings. I hope everyone is doing well. Please make sure you’re taking time out for your health. If you’re working a very stressful job, call off. These big corporations make money every single second, you can rest for a day. They’ll be fine. IT’S FEBRUARY! Not only is this […]

Sometimes A Challenge Is Needed.

We can do whatever we put our minds to. Challenges are just accomplishments in disguise. Sticking to what you’re used to is boring. I wish I challenged myself more when I was younger; I think it would’ve helped with my coyness . I do, however, try to challenge myself now from time to time. So […]

Writing Appreciation, Part 4

Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted. **I’m not really sure if this is part 4, because I write about my love for writing consistently but who cares! For the one millionth time, I love to write. To be honest, I’m kind of obsessed with it. You mean to tell me there’s […]