Nothing will work, unless you do.

Not too long ago my vocabulary consisted of nothing but words that fit perfectly with my rants. It was like a weekly routine… Rant. Rant. Rant. Complain. Repeat. Image source: Giphy I can laugh and make jokes about it now, but at first I was so serious. And now that I think about it, my […]

Lend Your Ear: Listen To Those Who Need Someone To Talk To

If you find yourself talking more than listening, you’re a part of the problem. Sometimes we get so caught up in ranting about our own problems that we don’t pay attention to those we care about. You’re not the only person who goes through tough times. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Sometimes we just […]

There’s nothing wrong with you.

Ah, the question many of us have asked ourselves: What’s wrong with me? The answer: NOTHING. We always act as if we’re supposed to be liked by everyone or act like the majority. Truth is, we should not change who we are nor question who we are because it doesn’t fit in with everyone else. […]

We’re Beautiful Like Diamonds In The Sky.

**I haven’t created a “Music To My Ears” blog post in months, so here we are** Hello Beautiful People! Tonight’s blog will be a short one. I just wanted to pass around some positive energy before I go to bed. Earlier, I was listening to Diamonds by Rihanna. Find light in the beautiful sea, I […]

2 Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem

I’m not ashamed to admit that when I was younger, I had some self esteem issues. There was always something that I didn’t like about myself and I let that define who I was. However, now I love myself more than I could ever imagine. I wanted to share two ways that helped me boost […]

Self Appreciation

It’s time we show ourselves some appreciation because if we don’t value ourselves, who will? You should know that this world wouldn’t be the same without you. You bring creativity and your place on earth can’t be copied. You’re one of a kind. There’s a reason why so many people love you… because hello, you’re […]

Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes

We often associate mistakes with failure. This was embedded in our minds by society because according to some people “there’s no room for mistakes”. In all honesty, I believe there are room for mistakes and that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. **Theres many ways to view this.** I feel like when you make mistakes […]

“What You Give,”

I’ve noticed that the energy you put out into the world is what you receive. If you’re a negative human being, don’t think  positive energy and blessings are coming your way. Most people are probably thinking, “Why are you just now noticing that?”. Well in all honesty, I was one of those negative people. I […]