Treat others how you want to be treated. We hear this quote a lot and of course, not everyone lives by it. What happens when you’re treating everyone the way you want to be treated, but certain people are still treating you badly? The “socially popular” answer would be to treat them the exact same […]

Let me tell y’all why situationships make no sense to me. First, let me share the definition for those who have no idea what it is. A relationship that has no label on it.. like a friendship but more than a friendship but not quite a relationship. Whet?  So basically, you’re getting the benefits of being in a relationship without actually […]

Yesterday, I woke up craving Keebler Crackers. (I know what you’re thinking. Why crackers out of all things but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants). Anyways, I went to Family Dollar because they had a deal. Two boxes of Keebler Crackers for the price of one. Amazing right? While I was there, I […]