I was not a fan of makeup when I was younger, but now that has changed! I’ve recently been gifted items from Sephora and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still learning how to apply foundation/concealer properly but I’m better at it than I was before. One of the items I was gifted was Too Faced’s […]

That sh*t not the real you. You covering your face to look like somebody you’re not. Recently, I wrote a blog about makeup and why I thought people should be able to put whatever they want on their faces. ( Reality 101: Makeup ) As I scrolled down my social media pages, I see that most men […]

We’ve all seen posts on social media with the caption ” Natural #NoMakeupNeeded” before. These type of posts are becoming more common, but why? Is it because makeup is more popular than ever before? Actually yes, I think it is. There’s been a debate among people, especially women, on whether other women wear too much […]