Does money change people for the worse or better?

This sentence is worded so weirdly but I hope everyone understands what goes on in my crazy mind. I’ve had this question for a while and I’m in the middle when it comes to this topic. I’ve personally seen people become monsters when their money increased and I’ve seen people become happier. I don’t know […]

Today’s Plan, Pt.3

Make decisions that’ll give you the life you deserve. I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. I want to be productive today, instead of the couch potato that I usually am on Saturdays. So, I made another plan since these seem to really help me out.Drumroll… Image source: Giphy I have decided to […]

Reward yourself…

A few years ago, I finally got into the habit of saving money and only focusing on things that would help me reach my goals. For the most part, it helped me in a lot of ways. However, sometimes I find myself over working and not giving myself some time to have fun. As humans […]

Nothing will work, unless you do.

Not too long ago my vocabulary consisted of nothing but words that fit perfectly with my rants. It was like a weekly routine… Rant. Rant. Rant. Complain. Repeat. Image source: Giphy I can laugh and make jokes about it now, but at first I was so serious. And now that I think about it, my […]

Reach for the Sky, Aim for the Stars

The best way to make your dreams come true is to start now and have fun. I’ve been watching nothing but inspirational acceptance speeches on YouTube all day, and it’s honestly the best decision I’ve made in a while. To keep my head above water, in other words, focused on making my dreams reality, I […]

Well Hello, March!

Spring is near. Get ready for warm days and beautiful sunsets. It’s month 3 of 12. For some reason, I’m pretty excited for this new month. Although, there are some challenges I know I’ll face, I’m ready to take it head on! As usual, I have new goals! This year I wanted to create new […]

Explore and Discover

Finding a love for one thing is great, but imagine how exciting life would be if you loved many. Happy Tuesday! As you all may know, I love writing and filming (blah blah, the usual). However, lately I’ve found a new love… a love that I never thought I’d actually have fun with. My sister […]

I wrote an article for 21Ninety!

Every time I doubt myself, God shows me why I should never give up. Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope your day is filled with nothing but positive energy. Remember, you can use this day to change your life. Whether it’s a small step like applying for classes or a job, you got this! Image source: […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending virtual roses and boxes of chocolates to everyone around the world! I hope all of you guy’s day was wonderful and filled with love. If you didn’t have a valentine, it’s okay! Who says you can’t be your own valentine? This day is about showing love and appreciation. Although I have a Valentine this […]

Night Rants: I’m Limiting My Expectations..

Why do we constantly create expectations for people we know can’t fulfill them? Do we simply love being disappointed? We love rants, right? For some reason I felt like ranting, so here I am.. writing a post about why I’m limiting my expectations for certain people in my life. For the most part, majority of […]