Does money change people for the worse or better?

This sentence is worded so weirdly but I hope everyone understands what goes on in my crazy mind. I’ve had this question for a while and I’m in the middle when it comes to this topic. I’ve personally seen people become monsters when their money increased and I’ve seen people become happier. I don’t know […]

Reward yourself…

A few years ago, I finally got into the habit of saving money and only focusing on things that would help me reach my goals. For the most part, it helped me in a lot of ways. However, sometimes I find myself over working and not giving myself some time to have fun. As humans […]

How to keep blogging fun

Taking the fun out of everything is a life I don’t want to live. Image source: Giphy I’ve been blogging for almost three years now, although I’ve only just started taking it serious last year. I started this blog for personal reasons. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings through something that I love […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending virtual roses and boxes of chocolates to everyone around the world! I hope all of you guy’s day was wonderful and filled with love. If you didn’t have a valentine, it’s okay! Who says you can’t be your own valentine? This day is about showing love and appreciation. Although I have a Valentine this […]

There’s Paradise At The End of Darkness

It’s a new year right? Whatever happened in the past prepared you to take this year by storm! I’m not really sure if we can truly prepare ourselves for every thing that happens in our lives. Many of us, no matter how we appear to seem, don’t have it all figured out. We, sometimes, find […]

5 Positive Quotes That’ll Help You Get Through Bad Days.

Turn that frown upside down, people! Although it’s a part of life, we don’t want to spend much time being sad. Here’s five positive quotes that’ll turn your day around. Enjoy! Better Days are on the way! Follow me on my social media’s: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube:

A Very, Merry Christmas: 2020 Edition

🎵Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, In the lane, snow is glistening A beautiful sight, We’re happy tonight. Walking in a winter wonderland.🎵 Merry Christmas to everyone around the world! Although we have about 2 and a half hours till it’s Christmas Day here in Chicago, I’ll be spending every second of the day with […]

The Best Has Yet To Come

Within a month of reaching 200 followers, I’m exited to say that I’m just a little under 20 followers away from 300 on my blog. This means so much to me. I know to a lot of people, it may not be much. Yet, I started this blog simply to vent, to help others, to […]

True Happiness

I remember when I was a senior in high school a few years ago. We had to create a video about where we expected to be in five years for our final project. One of my main goals was to truly be happy. However, I didn’t really understand how to start the process. We often […]

“This or That?,”

I’m very excited to say that I’m almost at 130 followers! This is such a huge accomplishment to me because I’ve done this on my own. It feels good to know that there are 100+ people in the world that are similar to me. So, as a early celebration I’ve decided to let you all […]