Save your reactions. Protect your peace. You do not need to react to everything. I repeat, in a different way… Everything does NOT need a reaction. There’s people who will purposely try to get you out of character. You can defend yourself, but how about not responding at all? Why stoop down to their low […]

Growing is a part of life. Whether we choose to accept it or not, there’s not much to do to stop the process of growing. Honestly, there should be no reason to avoid growth. Especially if you want the life you’ve always dreamed of. Growth can be kind of scary for people who live in […]

As many of you may know, I’m a Freelance Writer for Sheen Magazine! For this week’s article, I decided to keep it short and motivational. It’s so much going on in the world today, I believe growth is something we shouldn’t be afraid of. So here it is… Life 101: GROWTH! PS: I always […]