Hello Everyone!! As many of you may know, I’m a freelance writer for Sheen Magazine and every week I try to come up with great article ideas. This week I thought about how many people have trouble getting over fake relationships. This article, “Sorry To This Man: How To Get Over Fake Relationships” is based […]

As part of my senior project in May, I wrote a short comic book/fiction story to go along with my short film. However, because if COVID-19, the short film wasn’t how I wanted it to be. The book on the other hand, was amazing! It was my first time writing anything other than urban fiction. […]

A lot of people took my kindness for weakness. They abused the fact that I’m willing to go above and beyond for those I care about. Their greed was the cause of losing me as one of the people they could depend on. Now a few are trying to show their appreciation because they know […]

No one has their life figured out completely. No matter what high education you have, how rich you are, even if you’re “drop dead gorgeous “, there’s still pieces of our lives that we need to find. Whether the pieces are big or small, there’s still a process we have to take that shows we […]

I remember when I was younger and I first started to notice how different I was from other girls. Well not just other girls, but the area I lived in. I was a lame. I am a lame. But now, I’m okay with that. Back then, I wasn’t. I had my small friend group that […]

If you’re having a bad day, I’m here to let you know that you’re alive for a reason. No matter how many obstacles you may face, you’re going to get through them and live the life you’ve always wanted. I know this can be hard to believe when you’re going through depression, but trust me […]

It’s something about the moonlight that makes me want to sit outside and stare at the sky at this time of night. It’s hypnotizing when you stare at it and not blink for a few seconds. The image gets stuck in your head. And if you have a vivid memory like I do, you’ll see […]