Shine Your Light

There’s room for everyone’s light to shine. I believe everyone should speak highly of themselves, I say this all the time. However, there’s a way to do so without putting others down. Recently, I seen a tweet of a young woman who was bragging about how much money she made during the pandemic. In her […]

Getaway: Covid-19 Edition

Last week, I was on vacation from that place I loathe (my job, which I am quitting soon.. very excited). I was pretty excited until I realized that the state I live in was going back on lockdown and many restaurants would be closing again. **Honestly, going to a restaurant during a pandemic would’ve made […]

“When Stars Align,”

It’s nighttime here in America. I live in the city so usually the only time I can see the stars in the sky is when there’s a blackout. Like tonight. When I look at the sky on nights like this, there’s a slim chance I’ll see the stars align. Yet I still have hope. Because […]

“Worker Thoughts,”

As usual, I’m on my way to work. Mentally preparing myself for the annoying day to come. Sundays are always the busiest days at my job. With all these new rules put into place, such as we can’t have water in the department although we barely get breaks, I’m trying so hard not to want […]

“Conversations At Night,”

I haven’t written a “Conversations At Night” post in a while so here it is! You all know I can never find the right words to say so I choose to write them. Today was very stressful. There’s not many people in my department at work and it was kind of busy. Some things weren’t […]

“Lost Souls,”

No one has their life figured out completely. No matter what high education you have, how rich you are, even if you’re “drop dead gorgeous “, there’s still pieces of our lives that we need to find. Whether the pieces are big or small, there’s still a process we have to take that shows we […]

“Sunday’s Best,”

Sundays are usually the busiest day of the week at my job. So, as always, I’m preparing myself for the obnoxious customers that believe we should fall to their knees and do as they say. It’s supposed to be 92 degrees today so I know the store will be crowded, although IT SHOULDN’T BECAUSE THERE […]