“A Real One” w/ Lashaunta Shanese is finally here!!!

Don’t have access to Spotify, Apple Podcast, or any other podcast streaming services? That’s fine! Listen right here on my website!

A Real One w/ Lashaunta Shanese is a personal audio journal turned into a podcast! Lashaunta Shanese urges everyone to be themselves as she talks about her growth and experiences, even though she’s still young. You can be yourself and still live your life to the fullest.

In episode 6, Lashaunta Shanese talks about accepting your flaws and turning them into something positive. Flaws are things that makes us unique, we should learn to be happy with who we are and what sets us apart from others. **This episode was recorded a few weeks ago, my blog just reached 220 followers!
  1. "Flaws And All"
  2. "Nights Like This"
  3. "Manifest, but stay HUMBLE."
  4. "Quaran-Tingz"
  5. "CTRL"