“A Real One” w/ Lashaunta Shanese is finally here!!!

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A Real One w/ Lashaunta Shanese is a personal audio journal turned into a podcast! Lashaunta Shanese urges everyone to be themselves as she talks about her growth and experiences, even though she’s still young. You can be yourself and still live your life to the fullest.


"Manifest, but stay HUMBLE." A Real One w/Lashaunta Shanese

In this episode, Lashaunta Shanese talks about the importance of manifestation; however, we often forget how that coincides with being humble. We tend to forget the humbleness we once had after we get what we manifested, then lose it all after we lose sight of what it took to get there.
  1. "Manifest, but stay HUMBLE."
  2. "Quaran-Tingz"
  3. "CTRL"
  4. "Let's Be Real"