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Being Rejected: “Well, f*ck you then punk”

Quote of the day: Rejection is just another way of life saying WRONG DIRECTION. At first, I wasn't going to write about this topic, but why not. We've all been rejected in some way or form in our lifetime, and in all honesty, it hurts. So how can we deal with rejection in a positive… Continue reading Being Rejected: “Well, f*ck you then punk”

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“Relationships aren’t always 50/50.”

A lot of people don't like to say it, but, relationships are not always 50/50. What do I mean by that? There will be times in a relationship where you'll give more than what you receive. There might be a time it'll be 80/20. I know what some of you may be thinking. Who in… Continue reading “Relationships aren’t always 50/50.”

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Are You Dumb?: “He knows where home is.”

It don't matter, he only with you for the moment. He always come back to me. I didn't want to make a post about this; however, I heard the dumbest conversation on my way to campus this morning. I want to start with the quote "He knows where home is", apparently 'he' doesn't because he's… Continue reading Are You Dumb?: “He knows where home is.”