Happy Women’s History Month

Women are the strongest human beings on earth. Image source: Giphy It’s time to celebrate the reason this world is able to function during these crazy times. It’s time to celebrate the reason we’re born and nurtured. It’s to celebrate fearlessness. It’s time to celebrate true beauty. It’s time to celebrate icons, legends, goddesses. It’s […]

Sometimes A Challenge Is Needed.

We can do whatever we put our minds to. Challenges are just accomplishments in disguise. Sticking to what you’re used to is boring. I wish I challenged myself more when I was younger; I think it would’ve helped with my coyness . I do, however, try to challenge myself now from time to time. So […]

New Article on Sheen Magazine: “Think Before You React”

I hope everyone’s morning is off to a great start! Yesterday, Sheen published one of my newest articles titled, “Think Before You React”: 4 Things To Do Before You ‘Go Off’. This is the second article I’ve written this year for Sheen and honestly, I love it! I thought of the topic while trying to […]

New Article on SHEEN Magazine

Let’s uplift each other in any way we can. Support those who have a love for the arts, for they get enough criticism already. Call Me Ace Photographed by Renee Lopez For this weeks Sheen Magazine article, I got the chance to interview rising independent hip hop artist, Call Me Ace. We talked about his […]

Capture The Moment

Everyday, we find ourselves glued to our phones scrolling on social media. Since majority of us have our phones 24/7, why not use them to capture moments we cherish? I use my phones’s camera a lot, not to take pictures of myself, but to take pictures of things I think are beautiful. For example, holiday […]

“Day” Overview

My mind is like a tape recorder. It replays everything that happened during the day (even the smallest things like picking up a piece of cardboard around 11:30 this morning). My main goal every morning is to have a better day than the day before and to accomplish something that’ll uplift my spirits during this […]

New Article on SHEEN Magazine

Women are really the glue that keeps this world together. For this week’s article, I wrote about the accomplishments of Multimillionaire Jesseca Dupart. The article also includes a interview, which I am very grateful for. This is a very successful woman with multiple successful businesses who started from nothing. She didn’t let her past control […]

New Article on SHEEN Magazine!

What’s Halloween without an article about how to survive in a horror movie? For this weeks article, I thought it would be fun to create a guide of things NOT to do when running away from Michael Myers or Freddy. Since Halloween is next week, I decided to give everyone a “heads up”. Here’s the […]

“Women Empowerment,”

New article on SHEEN Magazine! There would be no world without WOMEN! Who run the world? GIRLS Today, I wrote an article/ interview about Megan Taylor Jordan. She’s the CEO of The Village Music Group and she’s a powerful woman in the music industry. I’m sure many of you know, the music industry is male […]

New Article on Sheen Magazine!

It’s a beautiful day to read a article! Why not read my article on Sheen Magazine called ” Love Don’t Cost A Thing… Or Does It?” I decided to write this article because I noticed that people love to associate love with materialistic items. I also thought it would be fun to connect it to […]