Apparently when you do a good deed for someone, you’re not supposed to feel good about it. Because if you do, that means you’re selfish. In my Philosophy Ethics class, we discussed the difference between Selfish Vs Selfless and supposedly there’s no such thing as an unselfish deed. Now I know that may sound a […]

Spoiler Alert : If you haven’t seen the finale, watch it before reading this post. I hope y’all wigs were secured last night while watching Star’s Season Finale on Fox because mines was definitely blown away and never returned. The season finale was full of “Oh Sh*ts” and jaw dropping moments. Carlotta finally found out […]

Hey, I’m Lashaunta Shanese. I started this blog so people can see that no one is perfect. I talk about stuff that happens in REAL LIFE. Everyone goes through similar and different obstacles & events in their lives so this blog is here to talk about those things and show you that it’s okay not […]