Being lonely a few hours out of the day doesn’t sound too bad. To be honest, after dealing with the many different actions of humans for majority of the day, it sounds like a breathe of fresh air. The word lonely has a bad reputation. Society made it the face of depression and basically if […]

Talk about being out of touch with your emotions, whew. When listening to someone express how they feel, do you often find yourself saying, Damn, that’s crazy. OR Okay. Well, I hate to say it.. I don’t want to sound ridiculous… but.. you hate when people show emotions and it makes you mad. Hear me […]

Entry #12- Think before you judge. I’ve realized that people will judge me forever. There’s nothing I can do about it, but make sure that it doesn’t affect how I feel about myself. Everyone has judgement. Sometimes there are people who let their judgment be known more than others. In my opinion, you should always…ALWAYS… […]

Save your reactions. Protect your peace. You do not need to react to everything. I repeat, in a different way… Everything does NOT need a reaction. There’s people who will purposely try to get you out of character. You can defend yourself, but how about not responding at all? Why stoop down to their low […]

If you’re looking for a sign, here it is. Let’s get some excitement in our lives during this tiresome time. However, don’t forget to stay safe. 2020 is almost over everyone. Let’s end it by trying something we’ve always wanted to. SN: A new article was uploaded today! Read it here: Follow me on […]