We’ve all seen posts on social media with the caption ” Natural #NoMakeupNeeded” before. These type of posts are becoming more common, but why? Is it because makeup is more popular than ever before? Actually yes, I think it is. There’s been a debate among people, especially women, on whether other women wear too much […]

People should be able to date whoever they feel like it. The race of their spouse shouldn’t matter as long as they are happy and in love. It’s crazy how when biracial couples are seen outside, people stare at them as if they’re crazy. Some people go as far as taunting the couple or trying […]

If you had to choose between who lies more, would you say Men? Or Women? Everybody has lied about something in their life, whether it’s big or small. But, between the two genders, which lie more than the other? I asked a few of my friends and loved ones to answer the question and to […]

Remember watching reruns of shows like ‘The Brady Bunch’ when you were little and thinking that’s how all families were supposed to be– all happy and close together? When I was younger, I thought my entire family was supposed to live in this huge house, eat dinner together, play games, watch movies, and other things. Well, […]

Do you ever feel like your head is about to explode while thinking of all the things you need to do or what you don’t have? I know I do. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Stress. “A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Stress can be […]

Apparently when you do a good deed for someone, you’re not supposed to feel good about it. Because if you do, that means you’re selfish. In my Philosophy Ethics class, we discussed the difference between Selfish Vs Selfless and supposedly there’s no such thing as an unselfish deed. Now I know that may sound a […]

Welcome to the world where you can be whoever you want. No seriously, you can. We all know that social media was made so people can socialize with others millions of miles away from us and for business purposes, of course. But, social media has become this online world full of frauds, fakes, and bullies. […]