Lashaunta Shanese
‘Living life the imperfect way.’

Meet Lashaunta

Lashaunta Shanese is a Freelance Journalist, Blogger, and Digital Content Producer. She contributes to both print and digital publications including the following: Sheen Magazine, Blavity, 21 Ninety, Buzzfeed, The Honey Pop, and Medium. 

She’s the creator, host, and editor of Sheen News Weekly.

After receiving her Bachelors in Media Communication from Saint Xavier University in 2020, Lashaunta decided to expand her talents.

She also has a minor in Marketing in the concentration area of digital.

She created The Lashaunta Shanese Brand/Media company that specializes in blogging, freelance journalism, videography/photography, digital/social media marketing, and more.

Currently working on her Masters, she intends on living her dream and giving back to others.