Saint Xavier University Class of 2020.

Meet Lashaunta Shanese!

“It took me a while to be comfortable with who I am; now nothing can stop me”.

Lashaunta Shanese has a Bachelors in Communication (media concentration) and a Minor in Marketing (digital concentration). She enrolled at Saint Xavier University after earning an Associates in Arts at Daley College. There she joined multiple honor societies including Phi Theta Kappa, Lambda Pi Eta and Tau Sigma. She also goes by “Dj Dreamie” when on air at SXU’s college radio station WXAV 88.3 FM.

Lashaunta Shanese is a Journalist, Blogger and overall writer. She freelance writes for Sheen Magazine.

Lashaunta is certified in Google Ad Search and Google Analytics. She’s the author of three books: The Dark Side of The Rose, Delicate & Domination. Not only does she film, edit & write her own productions, she also create radio sweepers, write blogs, capture breathtaking photos and is a podcaster! You can listen to “A Real One” With Lashaunta Shanese on almost every podcast streaming service like Apple Podcast and Spotify.

With her unmatchable creativity and determination, Lashaunta Shanese aims to be a powerhouse in the Media & Marketing industry. You will know her name.

This blog is your daily dose of positive energy, life lessons and more.


All three of my books are available on Amazon! Get your copies today!

Book #1- The Dark Side of The Rose

Book #2- Delicate


Photographer/Content Creator

I’ve invested a lot into my one woman army media production company. I create beautiful photography and videos worth living for.


All of my blogs (and podcast episodes) are simply my thoughts on life and my experiences. I want others to see that they’re not alone and it’s okay to be themselves.


Being an imperfectionist is simply being okay with your imperfections. I’ve taken on this subculture as a challenge, with hopes of creating a better me.

Journalist. Blogger. Content Creator.