Trust the process, there’s a reason you’re on this particular route to your goal.

For this week’s weekly journal, I wanted to talk about something I need to work on, and that is trusting the process. I have no shame in sharing that I grew up not having much. It’s something that I always talk about because it’s a part of who I am.

It’s one of the main reasons I’ve worked hard to achieve every goal I’ve made for myself. As I continue to grow and improve in life, I noticed that I need to trust the road I’m on more.

Trust The Process
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‘You’re on the right track’

What do I mean?

For those of you who’ve been following me for a while, you’re aware of what I do. If you’re new, to sum it up I’m a journalist and media/marketing creative. Before choosing this career, I was already aware that it wouldn’t be easy in the beginning. However, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the mindset of being determined.

This has allowed me to get many opportunities, but sometimes I still find myself questioning if I’m doing enough. Then, it hits me. I’m on this route because it’s the one chosen specifically for me. It has nothing to do with anyone else’s accomplishments or their journey. I simply need to trust the process.

I wouldn’t be on this route if it wasn’t meant for me. It might take me a little longer to get to where I truly want to be, but that’s the beauty of life. We learn so much about ourselves when we focus on ourselves.

I talked a little bit about this in an article, I’ve written in 21Ninety. It’s a great article that discusses why you should be happy for others when they reach their goals.

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