Get ready to ace the fall semester with these college tips!

Disclaimer: These are the tips I used during my undergrad years. I will continue to use them now that I’m in graduate school. So, I really hope they help you all too.

The Fall semester has arrived and, I must say, it’s starting with a bang. For many of us, this week and next week are syllabus-focused. This means we’ll be going over the overall focus of the course, assignments, and… ICEBREAKERS.

Who doesn’t enjoy telling the class a fun fact about them in COLLEGE?

Fall Semester College Tips
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After the syllabus craze is finished, our professors will be ready to throw us into mania with assignments, quizzes, presentations, etc… But, don’t lose your mind just yet. Although college can be overwhelming, I’m going to tell you three tips I use that help me stay organized. They also help with getting assignments done before the due date, so you can have time to relax before the next assignment.

Fall Semester College Tips

Fall Semester College Tips
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Invest in a notebook, journal, or planner to remind yourself of assignments and due dates.

Please, I can not stress this enough, buy one of those mentioned above if you really want to not miss any assignments. Writing down every assignment for the week really helps me with not forgetting the due dates.

I usually create a chart where I’d write down each class and under would be the assignment plus due date. Of course, whichever assignment has the closest date would be written down first. As you complete each assignment, make sure to scratch it off so you won’t be second-guessing if you turned it in or not.


Pick a day or two to finish all homework and assignments

As an undergrad, for the most part, I’d pick a day or two to finish all assignments– including creating presentations. I’d go to the library or a quiet computer lab early in the morning and I wouldn’t leave till mid evenings.

When I had a job, I’d do all assignments on my day off. Pick a day or two out of the week to finish as much as possible, if not everything. It’ll result in having free time for the rest of the week.

I’m so eager to do this now, specifically that I’m a graduate student because I’m also a freelance journalist, creative marketer, and digital content producer. I have so much more to do this college semester than the last.

Plus, we all need days where we can sit and do nothing. So why not try to get everything done at once.

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Finish assignments before the due date

We want this semester to be as calm as possible. The best way to do that is to complete assignments before the due date. When you complete them before, you have time to correct any mistakes. Sometimes we work great under pressure and the assignments come out amazing. However, let’s try to stay away from submitting assignments at 11:35 pm when they’re due at 11:45 pm.

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  1. Thanks a lot for these tips! This semester is already starting off as a little annoying for me. As a junior I’m trying to ride out these last two years as smoothly as possible. Thanks again!

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