Cheers to taking risks because we love these, right?

Last week was all about getting into the habit of planning content ( Weekly Journal: Content Planning) and I must say, it worked! I got so much done while also relaxing and preparing for the Fall semester. For many people, creating all of your content for the week, in a day, isn’t new.

Many creatives and many other professions recommend doing it, and I’m ashamed to say it took me this long to start. But, better late than never. There’s an app/website called Trello that I use to create a weekly schedule for myself.

You know, so I won’t be pulling my hair out when something is due.

Taking Risks
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This week is all about taking risks! When you hear that word or say it out loud, it’s kind of alarming. However, it’s needed when you truly want to reach a goal or follow your dreams. Growing up, I was extremely coy. I never wanted to talk to anyone I didn’t know.

This overshadowed my creativity and made me miss a lot of potential opportunities. That’s why my main goal this week is taking risks! I’m going to be bold and email people I want to collaborate with as well as other things I normally wouldn’t do.

The first time I took a risk, it worked in my favor.

Taking Risks
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It actually improved my life and gave me the confidence to continue to chase after my dreams. One year later, the improvement in my life is amazing and I can’t wait to see more. When there are so many things you want to do, you have to find a way to get there.

Most importantly… a starting point.

So, my starting point for this week is taking risks.

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