Dating 101: Dating in your late 20’s featuring an interview with a guy who goes by the name of ‘Trizzy’.

I was focused on being the asshole guy…


As we all know, dating and being in a relationship are two different things. When you date, you have the freedom of entertaining as many individuals as you like. The purpose of dating is to have fun and see who you’re most compatible with.

Dating in your late 20's
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For some reason, dating has been turned into a challenge, especially as you get older. Although I’m not in my late 20’s, I wanted to see what goes on in the minds of individuals when it comes to dating in their late 20’s. At first, finding this individual was kind of tough. There aren’t many people comfortable chatting about their dating lives.

Yet, there was one male who decided he wanted to get his thoughts on dating in his late 20’s out. This man goes by the name of Trizzy and he’s very vocal about women and what he expects from dating at his age.

Dating in your late 20's
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The Interview: Part One

As a black male, how is your dating life?

As A Black Man, my dating life has been alright. Let me give you some background first. I have seen so many girls in the past that have been a great fit for me & were amazing people.

I was not emotionally mature enough to appreciate these things. One example would be my first year of college.

I was focused on being the asshole guy who always goes out & hooks up with different girls.

I learned my lesson by observing things. Now that I’m older and wiser I’m Ready for a mature adult relationship I’m emotionally focused & Ready

I appreciate it now.

What’s one issue you have with finding a significant other?

Honesty, Fear of Commitment, Trust, & Loyalty…

A lot of people nowadays tell lies when they can simply be honest. It’s not hard, be honest just tell the truth...  

Labels can terrify some people but for others the uncertainty of where the relationship stands is also terrifying. Nowadays people don’t have trust or they don’t know how to trust because of what happened in their past relationship or something they saw.. You gotta have the patience to trust someone.

People are not loyal. They’ll leave when stuff gets tough… Loyalty is something I hold to the heart because I’m loyal to the cure I’m ten toes down, and I’m solid…I want someone to be loyal as well.

Stay tuned for part two of this interview!

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