Sparkling ICE Review!

*This is not a sparkling ice sponsored post. My family and I genuinely love this beverage company and the majority of their flavors*

I grew up in a household where children could only drink water and juice. Sometimes we could have a can of pop or two, but only during parties or if it came with our restaurant orders. When you’re a child, all you think about is sugar. You don’t want to drink anything but sweet beverages. I’m actually glad my mom didn’t allow my sister and me to drink unhealthy beverages a lot.

However, when I got older and was able to drink whatever I wanted to, there was a time where I would consistently buy cans of pop. This was beyond unhealthy and eventually led to my skin breaking out. So, I slowed down on buying pops until I got to the point where I was actually scared to drink it again. I didn’t want my skin to get as bad as it did. I drunk water, but I still wanted something tasty to drink.

Of course, I drink orange juice, smoothies, and apple juice, but I wanted the bubbly taste as I got with pop.

I used to work at a grocery store, and every time I’d walk down the beverage aisle, I would see this product called Sparkling Ice.

Sparkling Ice

At first, I thought it was one of those beverages that add a little bit of flavor to water and a lot of sizzle. (lol I really hope this makes sense.) However, it’s so amazing and full of flavor! I first bought the fruit punch flavor almost a year ago. They’re pretty inexpensive, especially when they’re on sale. The sale at the store was 10 for $8, but, I didn’t want to buy multiple. I instantly regretted that decision when I first took a sip of the beverage.

I expected some bland mixture of artificial ingredients and sizzle, but I was wrong. Sparkling ice is filled with natural flavors, antioxidants, and vitamins but it tastes so good! Plus, it doesn’t have sugar! My family and I buy cases of the variety packs from Sams club and we don’t even purchase pop anymore! Sparkling Ice gives you that taste without all of the bad ingredients.

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5 Replies to “Sparkling Ice Review!”

  1. I tried the green sparkling ice and it left that fake sugar aftertaste in my mouth. I can’t drink sugar-free drinks…. I really want to like sparkling ice but I think I’m just sensitive to sugar-free things. I can’t drink things with stevia in them either.

      1. My favorite drink is a brand called Spindrift but they only sell it in the states so I can’t buy it here 😭 It’s flavorful sparkling water and is only 5-8 calories a can because they use real fruit juice to flavor it. Highly recommend! Costco sells it!

        I’m an iced coffee drinker which I know isn’t the healthiest, but MCDs has summer drink days so I can’t say no to a good deal 😂 I get it without the nasty sugar syrup stuff they add to it. It’s bitter without sugar but tasty, and I don’t feel too guilty drinking it 😅

      2. I literally always see someone buying Spindrift at the grocery store 😂 the grapefruit flavor is really popular in Illinois! I’m definitely going to try it now. I tried to drink coffee once and I was so disappointed in the flavor. Maybe it’s because I didn’t make it correctly 😂

      3. Tbh I cannot make iced coffee myself. I have tried so many times and failed. Every. Single. Time. There is something very refreshing about iced coffee in the summertime. I go to MCDs because their coffee is my favorite, but I drink it without any liquid sugar (sweetener that they add) and a lot of people think it’s gross to drink it without sugar. I don’t mind the bitter taste of coffee with just cream as I’ve gotten used to it over the years! To this day, I still prefer iced coffee over hot coffee ☕

        YES! 🙌 I highly recommend the grapefruit Spindrift. It’s one of my favorites as well. Honestly, they’re all good. I also recommend drinking it “over the rocks.” I pour it in a glass with a bunch of ice. It’s so refreshing to drink it when it’s super cold. 😊

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