These 20 Somethings…

I’m trying to remember who told me that my 20’s will be the best years of my life. Genuinely because I want to call them and ask why did they lie.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m only 24 years old, but I feel like my life will be the best later. Like, after I go through the ‘young’ people problems and figure out my true purpose on this earth. In the four years that I’ve been in my 20’s, I’ve experienced everything from career blessings to hardships that I never thought I would get through. I really don’t believe there should be a time stamp on when life will be the best, because we will never know when it’ll happen. You receive blessings when God and the universe feels like you’re ready. (In my opinion. Some people don’t think this is true, but I always will.) It’s also based on the energy you put out in the universe as well.


These 20 Somethings

SN: Here I go trying to rant…back to the purpose of the post.

What I’m trying to say is I believe that my entire life can be my ‘best years’ as long as I allow myself to improve and comprehend where I went wrong, so I can make it right. I’ve said plenty of times that I want my life to be full of happiness, peace, love, and financial stability. It’s not impossible to try to fulfill this in my 20’s, but why should I put a time stamp on it?  All it does is give me unnecessary stress. I’ll be starting my Master’s Degree program in the Fall, the last thing I need is to stress myself out– the professors will do that enough.

I have a lot to be grateful for, and I know with the right mindset I will have everything I’m manifesting. Not only am I manifesting it, but I’m also putting the work in to achieve it as well. So for anyone reading this in their 20’s, chill! Our entire life will be our best years.

If you’re older, YOU STILL HAVE TIME. You didn’t fail because you didn’t make 1 million in your 20’s.

If you’re younger, please have fun and find out what you love to do. You’re just getting life started.

These 20 Somethings… is just the start!

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