Thoughts of a small Youtuber

Small youtuber stress is real,

I started my YouTube channel in 2015 but went through a phase of discouragement and never uploaded consistently.

I know, it’s terrible.

However, being a small youtuber is very stressful. And, being one that has under 100 subscribers is even more stressful.

I began to upload somewhat consistently in 2019-2020 ish. But, I was uploading videos that were trending at the time and not what I actually enjoy.

So I got little to no views and stopped again.

It wasn’t until recently, about a month ago, I started to give YouTube a try again. I knew how much I loved writing articles about celebrities and doing interviews, so I wanted to start making my own short documentaries and productions like I did in high school.

I was stuck at 70 followers for almost an entire year. Then, when I uploaded my Stacey Dash documentary, my subscriber count went up to 97 in one month. I was so shocked.

I know to many people this is nothing to be proud of, but I’m extremely proud. I created something that I enjoy and there are people who enjoyed what I created.

I am on the road to 100 and I’m documenting my journey as a small youtuber.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts of a small Youtuber

  1. I can imagine that being a YouTuber is a stressful job. I had a YouTube channel for a while (I was bored one summer) and it still exists @hellokitty8404 (Hilary Tan). It’s not easily searchable anymore because it’s from 7+ years ago. One of my videos has 254K views. It sounds impressive until I say “my channel is not monetized b/c of copyright reasons.” I never made a cent from that channel… it was entirely for fun.

    There’s a lot of competition on YouTube. I think it’s very ambitious to be a YouTuber tbh! It’s definitely not an easy job and there’s constant pressure to constantly upload on a regular basis. It’s totally fine to go at your own pace. Slow and steady wins the race! 🐢💕

    1. You always know the right words to say! Honestly, I used to overthink the whole YouTube creator thing. I’d force myself to make content that I didn’t enjoy which is one of the reasons why I stopped in the past. Now, I create productions entirely for fun and I’ve seen growth. It’s crazy. You’re right, there’s a lot of competition but like you said I’ll continue to go at my own pace 🤗

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