A Day Without Talking…

What if our only form of communication, for a day, was writing?

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Yes, I have returned with a crazy question.

I was thinking about how many years ago, there were no phones or advanced technologies. So people had to write letters to express how they felt.

What if we had no choice but to go back to that for a day? Would you survive?

I’m saying ‘survive’ because there’s people who literally can’t live without technology such as phones and computers.

Some people haven’t picked up a pen or pencil in years. It may sound dramatic but it’s kind of true.

Imagine the chaos there will be when people find out they won’t be able to send a tweet.

As I get older, I’m not on my phone as much meaning I’m not really on social media as well.

Which is both good and bad. (the career I’m aiming for is pretty much surrounded by social media)

So, I try to balance it. However, I know for a fact I can survive a day without talking.

**I got really good pens that write beautifully. Just waiting on the perfect letter.

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2 thoughts on “A Day Without Talking…

  1. I could go a whole day without talking or my phone as long as I have an iPod/walkman or something to listen to music on, a good book, coffee and a notepad to write on.

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