One in A Million: DMX Tribute

My love for music began when I was really young. My mother and Aunt would always play a variety of genres, which is why my sister and I have a music library full of diverse songs.

I remember when I first heard DMX’s voice, and was stunned at how different he sounded. At the time, I didn’t know his name, I just knew his voice was one I’ve never heard before.

My mom used to joke around with my sister and I saying, “y’all gone make me lose my mind.. up in here.. up in here” and we began rapping those lyrics as well when it related to how we felt.

Those are lyrics from one of DMX’s popular hits “Party Up”. It was the first song I’ve heard from him and then I noticed he was also an actor.

A talented individual, gone way too soon. I hope the world was able to show him enough appreciation while he was still here. I am praying for his family.

Instead of a short documentary, yesterday I created this short tribute to X.

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