Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is taking the time out of their busy lives to stop and live. Although we’re still in a pandemic, we can safely follow the rules of the CDC and meet with our families to celebrate this Easter Sunday. When I was younger, Easter was one of my sister and I’s favorite holidays. We’d paint eggs with our Mom and have a miniature scavenger hunt around the apartment. Sometimes we got baskets, but what we loved the most about Easter is spending time with our Mom.

Happy Easter
Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Pexels.com

Not to mention, the dinner was always amazing. As we got older, we found a love for watching movies together and simply having time. Family time is needed just as much now as it was when you were younger. We thank God every day, that we’re healthy and able to see another sunrise in the morning.

Today, it’s about him. We’re so appreciative of God giving his life up, just so we can live ours.

Happy Easter everyone!

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