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April 2021: We made it to the fourth month of the year.

April 2021: We made it to the fourth month of the year!

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This year is going by pretty fast, we’re officially in the first month of the second quarter of the year.

Notice how I said ‘second quarter’ meaning it’s still the beginning of the year. Although it’s moving kind of fast, we’re very much still far away from the year being over.

I say this every month, mostly because I consistently need to hear it myself, but please make sure you’re not being hard on yourself.

You set goals on January 1st with the intention of achieving them before the year is over.


Don’t confuse those who already achieved their goals with ‘I’m not working hard enough’. We’re all on different routes. There will be people who celebrate their accomplishments before you, and that’s okay!

Comparing will only stress you out. ( take your own advice lashaunta ) Let’s make April 2021 a month to remember.

Do you have any goals for this month?

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