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Finding a love for one thing is great, but imagine how exciting life would be if you loved many.

Happy Tuesday!

As you all may know, I love writing and filming (blah blah, the usual).

However, lately I’ve found a new love… a love that I never thought I’d actually have fun with.

My sister and I recently became obsessed with baking. I know, it’s something small but it creates moments with my sister that I will forever cherish.

We get very excited at the grocery store buying cake mix, making our own whipped cream, cookies, cornbread and more!

We’ve never really got a chance to bake when we were younger, but now we decided to change that. We even got aprons customized with our names on them.

We know opening a bakery is neither of our goals. We just love spending time together and creating deserts for our entire family to try.

Life doesn’t always have to be about finding things you love to do so you can make money from it. Sometimes we need to explore and find those new hobbies that simply make us happy, without all of the stress.

Because we all know, once money is involved, things get crazy.

Have you found a new hobby that you love?

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