To believe in yourself, is to believe that only you have the power to change your life.

Show of hands for the people who like to celebrate small victories..

When I was younger, my mom always celebrated ANY accomplishments my sister and I had.

Keyword: any.

We got thin paper certificates that said “Student of The Month” and she’d tell everyone in the family and let us get whatever we wanted. (We couldn’t afford much, so it was usually $5-$10 and we’d go to the candy store. To us, that was a huge prize because we didn’t have a lot of money and could barely afford to just use $5-$10 on treats).

Anywho, this taught me to celebrate every little thing.

It’s the small victories that lead to the bigger goal and we all deserve to show ourselves some appreciation.

If you’re like me, you can be hard on yourself at times, so these small celebrations are needed.

Remember, we’re still in a pandemic, so if you’ve accomplished anything during all of this… you DESERVE to celebrate.

Have you accomplished anything between last year and now? I would love to know so I can say congratulations!! You deserve it!

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  1. My parents were THE exact opposite – unless we were 1st – it wasn’t good enough! I grew up being so hard on myself! So I agree with you – we need to celebrate the small victories. 🙂

    1. I understand! Although my mom was like that, other members in my family never thought anything was really “outstanding”. You’re a wonderful blogger so I hope you celebrate all of your accomplishments 🤗

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