February: So It Begins..

February, you’ve came to create new blessings.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Please make sure you’re taking time out for your health. If you’re working a very stressful job, call off. These big corporations make money every single second, you can rest for a day.

They’ll be fine.


Not only is this the month of Love, most importantly, it’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH!

Black people bring so much creativity and rhythm into this world, it’s insane. I love who we are. I love how we look. I love our style. I love us.

Let’s continue to celebrate our history, not only for this month, but all year round.

For those who thought they’d see a big difference in their lives for the New Year… it’s only February.

We have 10 months left in this year, and the second month literally just started. You have so much time to make a change. I promise it’ll happen with the right consistency and determination.

Don’t beat yourself up, life is not that simple.

And if it was, it’ll be boring.

We need some of this stressful excitement.

I have one goal for February, and that’s to become the best version of myself.

What’s your goal for the new month?

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