Lend Your Ear: Listen To Those Who Need Someone To Talk To

If you find yourself talking more than listening, you’re a part of the problem.

Sometimes we get so caught up in ranting about our own problems that we don’t pay attention to those we care about. You’re not the only person who goes through tough times.

The world doesn’t revolve around you.

Sometimes we just need to shut up and lend our ears to those who need it the most.

I must admit, sometimes I’m guilty of talking about my own problems a little too much.

However, I try to catch myself.

When we discuss communication, we focus on getting our points across more than trying to understand someone else’s issues.

Can listening be just a popular?

Do you think people choose not to listen? Or is it something that takes time?

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2 thoughts on “Lend Your Ear: Listen To Those Who Need Someone To Talk To

  1. I don’t think people choose not to listen its just that they sometimes don’t give their full attention when it comes to listening! We should all try and be good listeners, it is really important!

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