New Article on Sheen Magazine: “Think Before You React”

I hope everyone’s morning is off to a great start!

Yesterday, Sheen published one of my newest articles titled, “Think Before You React”: 4 Things To Do Before You ‘Go Off’.

This is the second article I’ve written this year for Sheen and honestly, I love it! I thought of the topic while trying to understand why people love negativity.

There’s people in this world who live for breaking others down and trying to get under their skin. Sometimes we’re good at giving them a reaction, but there are times where we lose it and feed into their nasty energy.

So for this article, I wanted to create 4 things we could do to keep our positivity and let these people know they can NOT break us down or get us out of character.

I hope you all enjoy!

Here’s the image header I created for the article:

Here’s the link to the article:

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