There’s Paradise At The End of Darkness

It’s a new year right? Whatever happened in the past prepared you to take this year by storm!

I’m not really sure if we can truly prepare ourselves for every thing that happens in our lives.

Many of us, no matter how we appear to seem, don’t have it all figured out. We, sometimes, find ourselves lost in the darkness that comes with the life we live.

This can happen to anyone.. anywhere.

No matter how rich or beautiful you are, darkness can find its way to you. However, one thing I’ve learned in my 24 years on earth is that there is always paradise at the end of darkness.

Dark times do not last forever and we can’t let that overshadow what we were born to do. (Which is live!)

Some of us haven’t found our purpose yet and that’s completely fine. That’s what we’re here for. We have to live and learn in order to figure out who we truly are.

Once we get out of darkness, the paradise that follows makes it all worth it!

Have you ever imagined being the happiest you’ve ever been? That’s how it’ll feel when you find your way to paradise.

That beautiful smile of yours will never fade away, for you didn’t let your past define your future and now it’s time to win.

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