Change is Good.

About a day ago, I created my vision board for 2021. One of the things on there consisted of expanding my blog so I thought now was the right time.

This is something I’ve wanted to do since October of last year and now that it’s a new year, I can start fresh.

Here’s my new logo for my website.

I absolutely LOVE IT!!

With a new logo, comes new creative ideas and topics. Many of you may not know, but when I first started blogging, I wrote about social topics as well as positive energy.

I’ve decided to go back to writing both and fun interactive blog posts as well because I’d like to have more conversations with my amazing blogging family.

I will start this new journey tomorrow and I’m honestly excited. I have a lot of ideas that I hope you all will enjoy.

SN: Today’s Sheen Magazine article is about a wonderful 23 year old photographer named Terrance B! Read it here:

Written by me, of course!

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