“Dear 2021,”

We made it.

We’re officially in the first day of the New Year.

I’m excited to see what this year has for everyone I love. I really want everyone around the world to be filled with happiness.

I want them to see that you can start over. This is a fresh start.

Whatever happened last year will always be with us, but we cannot let that stop us from moving forward.

This is the year for improvement. It’s time to go big!!

Yes, there’s still a pandemic, but while we’re safely in our homes as the world continues to figure this out, find your passion!

2021 is the year of NEW CHANCES.

Invest in the career you’ve always wanted. There’s many ways to invest in your passion with little to no money.

I’ve done it plenty of times and I’m sure everyone else can too. It starts with the right amount of motivation.

You have to believe in yourself and see that there’s a reason why you can’t let this passion go.

You were born for this.

I’m so happy we all made it into the New Year. For those who haven’t, we’ll never forget you.

You’ll always be with us.

Let’s go, 2021!

Bring us the happiness we all deserve.

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