I want to win.

In real life.

Although my birthday was in quarantine edition, my family made it wonderful.

I woke up with cute little balloons and a banner in the living room. (Courtesy of my little sister)

My mom and sister ordered us breakfast. So I had my first “breakfast in bed”.

I took professional pictures “at home” with my at home studio (shot with photography equipment that I invested in and received as gifts from the people I love).

After that, I drunk a glass of wine with my mom as she talked about how proud she is of everything I’ve accomplished.

We watched my favorite films, listened to my favorite music and they ordered my favorite dinner.

I had so much fun all while being safely at home, following all Covid-19 guidelines.

For Year 24, the theme of my life is “Winning in Real Life”.

I intend on following this years “theme” aka my yearly goal with everything in me.

I’m ready to win.

I will win.

Have a great day/night everyone!

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