Failure Is Not The End:A Motivational Rant

If at first you don’t succeed, then dust yourself off and try again.

– Aaliyah, 2000.

I’ve written quite a few posts about how failure is not an option for me. Of course, no one goes into a field with the intent of failing.

We all want to be the best and win at everything we do.

Yet, if you fail (which I try to keep out of my vocabulary. Everything is a lesson to me) you can ALWAYS try again.

There’s no book of life that says if you don’t succeed at something, that’s the end.

It’s over.

**warning: I will be addressing failure as “The F Word”. I can’t speak any negativity into life.

As long as you live, you can keep trying because eventually you will win.

Also, don’t beat yourself up about, you know, the “F” word because we all have those moments in life.

There’s not one person on earth that has succeeded at everything they’ve done.

Not your favorite celebrity or role model.

No one.

In fact, many people believe the “F” word prepared them for the real wins in their lives.

We also tend to speak negatively about our goals while we’re in the process of achieving them. This and the “F” word goes hand in hand.

It’s like a chain of reaction. (If I’m using this term correctly). You can speak positivity into your life, but you can speak negative energy into your life as well when you doubt yourself.

You’ll get through the ups and downs of life. Not being successful at everything is not the end.

You’re preparing yourself for that special win that’ll change your life.

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