The Life We Live..

I’m writing this post a little earlier than usual as I prepare myself to get a tad bit more sleep than I usually get.

Today was full of hair pulling moments.

I had to consistently tell myself to stay calm.

I decided I want to do my Christmas shopping a little early this year. Everything was supposed to be delivered today, however my packages were either stolen or lost.

They were marked “delivered” but I never received any of my items.

If you know me, I’m more sad about not being able to give my family the gifts I bought them than not having the items I bought myself for my birthday (which is two days after Christmas).

I spent most of my day filing lost mailing reports and honestly I’m worn out. I have to do it all over again tomorrow.

Life is not always a cold lemonade on a hot summer day. Sometimes it’s a new shoe stuck in mud.

I have faith somehow my packages will appear (hopefully before Christmas) but until then, I’m still going to find a way to spread love even though this is going on.

I wanted to write this post so I could go to bed on a positive note.

NEVER EVER go to bed sad, mad, or with a negative mind. Always try to clear your mind and get peace as you isolate yourself from the crazy world we live in for a couple of hours.

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2 thoughts on “The Life We Live..

  1. Awww, damn! When I was moving cities a few months back, the movers disappeared after taking my stuff and for about 20 days I couldn’t track my stuff. (10 huge boxes!!) I filed a police complaint but they did nothing. It was crazy. I had more or less given up and just convinced myself that whoever it ends up with probably needs the stuff more than I do. (I reached this moment after days of anger and crying!) And randomly the stuff showed up 25 days later. So I can totally get your anxiety. I hope you find your boxes soon. ❤️

    1. Thank you so much!! 💕 I’m sorry you had to go through that, but I’m happy your boxes came eventually. I really hope I have the same outcome. Even if the items I bought for myself don’t show up, I’ll be happy if the ones for my family do.

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