Spread More Love..

You know how much energy you have to put into being hateful?

Let’s end the night by making sure we spread love to everyone around us, and even those we don’t know.

Simply because you never know what someone is going through. Your kind words could turn their days around.

I’m trying my best to spread love as much as possible. I’m on a journey to becoming an Imperfectionist.

Being an imperfectionist is just being okay with my flaws.

While on this journey to self care, I want to become a better person. I don’t want anyone to feel alone.

It hurts my heart and I wish I could be there for everyone in the world that feels that way.

It’s a process.

But, step one is bringing more love and positive energy into the world.

It’s really not hard at all. Actually, you use more energy trying to be a hateful person rather than just being nice.

Im ending this year with love, and I’m starting the new year with love.

Because you know, love conquers all.

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