Weekly Journal

Entry #9- Support Systems

It’s a new morning.

It’s a new day.

As usual, I always try to wake up with the mindset of winning. I think this way because it gives me a harder drive to accomplish my goals.

As normal people, many of us don’t have thousands of people supporting us like celebrities. However, we must remember those same celebrities (most of them) were in our shoes once.

I love the support system I have, though. My mom and sister, as well as a handful of others, always hype up my work. Whether it’s a article, blog or creative content, they make sure to tell me how much they’ve enjoyed my content.

Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have enough support, which, I know is very selfish. ( I am not a selfish person. I just feel like I support way more people and most don’t return the same energy).

When I feel that way, I knock out those emotions by thinking about people who don’t have a support system at all.

It reminds me that I should ALWAYS be grateful for what I do have and stop complaining about what I don’t.

This also makes me support those who don’t have support systems even more.

I try my best to let them know they’re amazing and everything will work out.

Simply because it will and I know I’d love for someone to do the same for me.

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