Bike Rides and Memories

Don’t clock me, but I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was 12 years old. I was always afraid of falling down. (This is why failure is not an option for me.)

I only owned a bike when I was younger, it was given to me by a grandpa’s church members. So, I never really got the chance to make memories on it.

I’ve always wanted to ride my bike, with friends, family, the love of my life etc… on a trail that lead us to the beach.

We’d race each other until we got to our destination. At the beach, we’d sit and have a picnic (this would be during a life without COVID).

We’d have all of our favorite snacks and drinks, simply enjoying each other’s company.

Far away from our phones and the online world.

I still have hope that I will experience this and it’ll be a moment that’ll never be erased from my memory.

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