It’s Hot Chocolate Season.

It’s cold outside.

I absolutely LOVE hot chocolate, and now that it’s officially winter (in my opinion) that means I get to drink many cups without looking crazy.

Many people would say winter is the worst season out of the four, but I highly disagree.

It’s time to bring out the fuzzy sweaters, cute boots and matching hat/scarf sets because we need to stay warm, but also look cute.

The BEST part of winter is coming home to a warm house after you spent all day in the freezing cold.

**if you have a fireplace, I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted to sit by a fireplace with my cup of hot chocolate like the actors in Christmas movies.

Once you’re settled in, get started with the HOT CHOCOLATE, extra marshmallows… if you’d like.

Grab a big fuzzy blanket.

Get comfortable with your favorite movie/show.

Then, most importantly, relax.

Oh how I love the most wonderful time of the year.

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