Let’s uplift each other in any way we can. Support those who have a love for the arts, for they get enough criticism already.

Call Me Ace Photographed by Renee Lopez

For this weeks Sheen Magazine article, I got the chance to interview rising independent hip hop artist, Call Me Ace. We talked about his accomplishments as an independent artist, how he feels about record labels exploiting artists, and what’s in store for his fans.

If you’ve read any of my interviews before, you should know I LOVE to uplift anyone I am interviewing.

One of my main goals of writing articles is to make sure the artist or interviewee knows that I see their success and/or accomplishments.

A lot of people who are trying to have a career in the arts (music, paintings, acting, drawings, broadcasting etc) have a tough time getting support.

I am one of them.

So, I want to make sure they know if anyone acts like they doesn’t see their success, I DO!

Here is the link: http://www.sheenmagazine.com/the-rise-of-independent-hip-hop-artist-call-me-ace/

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