Flaws And All

Earlier, I uploaded Episode 6 of my Podcast “A Real One w/Lashaunta Shanese” titled “Flaws And All”. I decided to talk about how I try to use my flaws in a positive way.

When I was younger, I used to complain about how “big” my forehead was or how I didn’t like the way I talked.

Those were my major flaws and since I grew up, I’ve used both of those flaws to boost my confidence.

It makes no sense to complain about something I can not change. It just creates unnecessary stress, and life is stressful enough.

I really wish everyone could see how unique they are. Our flaws are just apart of who we are. It sets us apart from any other human being.

If we can take what we’re insecure about and use it to benefit us, we’d start loving ourselves more.

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I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. Remember to be thankful for the things you have, because life could be worse. You’re still alive during one of the most toughest times the world has seen, be grateful.

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