At The End Of The Day

**Day Overview**

Sunday is over, basically.

Well, there’s about four hours left of the day, but it’s safe to say the day has officially ended.

It was a little productive, but not as productive as I wanted it to be. (Which is completely my fault).

I was able to edit another episode for my podcast “A Real One w/ Lashaunta Shanese”, that will be uploaded to all streaming services this week.

I wrote another article/ interview that will be available on Sheen Magazine’s website tomorrow, as well.

However, for majority of the day, I watched some of my favorite shows as I day dreamed about my future. (Something that I do every day).

Day dreaming always leads to me planning out the next steps of my “career” or small goals I can achieve.

It helps me see the bigger picture. It helps me see why I’m working so hard and why I need to stay focused.

I was hoping to film some type of project or do a photo shoot this weekend, but that didn’t really fall through.

Although it didn’t, I will make it my mission to make it happen on my next off day.

Tomorrow will be better.

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